The 4th Industrial Revolution is here and the times are digitally advancing at a fast pace, with new apps and innovations constantly influencing our daily lives, human interactions and economic development.

Digital Economy Opportunities - 234Central - World Economic Forum - Lagos Shapers Tweet ChatThis development is overwhelming for many who are unprepared, while at the same time creating economic empowerment opportunities for many with breakdown of the geographic barriers as the world advances into a global village.

Join the conversation in the upcoming @lagosshapers and @234Central tweetchat #LGSC_TweetChat with Cynthia Asoegwu, Project Director of and the youth empowerment social enterprise Visionary Impact Netwox, to discuss the opportunities in the digital economy and how best to leverage them for advancement of project or brand goals.

Areas of focus to be discussed and insights include:

*Digital Trends, benefits and monitoring

*Activating a digital strategy

*Keeping it Real: audience engagement & brand authenticity

*Summary: Reachout, Engage (Add Value), Measure and Collaborate

Don’t be left out… A digital strategy is a must!

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Lagos Shapers are a group of dynamic young individuals committed to social change in their community and operational in the metropolitan city of Lagos, as one of the hubs of the Global Shaper Community – an initiative of The World Economic Forum.