About Us

234Central is a digital solution with the core objective of employing technology and media as catalysts for progressive and sustainable change with a focus on Nigeria.

This we hope to achieve by serving as a social networking portal for enterprising and creative minds to Connect, Share and Achieve, while providing convenient access to developmental content and empowerment opportunities.

As a social support space, 234Central has been designed with easy-to-use tools to foster collaboration and sharing amongst members. It is a social enterprise initiative created to provide cost effective services as well as skills exchange, all geared towards the empowerment of all.

“Global thinking, Local Impact” Other key features of the portal have been created to drive economic empowerment of members, either as individuals or as a business. We are committed to growth and constantly upgrading to serve our target audience.

234Central.com is A Visionary Impact Netwox Initiative… a digital business development social enterprise committed to socio-economic empowerment of youth and women through the use of media and technolgy as tools.