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Conversions happen in conversations

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    To increase sales conversions, it’s advisable to focus more on reaching out to clients yourself rather than waiting for them to approach you. When clients reach out to you, it’s often due to urgent needs or their availability, which is beyond your control. Reaching out to them, on the other hand, can fill your calendar and sales pipeline. There are six ways to start conversations and get new clients: sweat media, paid media, owned media, manual media, word of mouth, and affiliate referrals.Here are the 6 ways to get new clients and start conversations

    Sweat media: This is when you use diligence, consistency, creativity and conscientiousness to build an audience on social media and in the process sell to that audience.

    To execute a sweat media strategy, implement consistent and diligent efforts to grow an engaged social media audience through creative and conscientious content, with the ultimate goal of converting that audience into paying customers.Paid media: This is when you pay social media networks like facebook to run ads to reach your ideal clients or pay an influencer who has high engagement and has the ear of your target market

    Owned media: This is when you own an email newsletter, podcast or WhatsApp community. This is powerful because if you have an issue with any of the social media platforms you can quickly turn to your owned media

    Manual media: This is when you send cold emails, dm, or call new or existing clients to give you business. I must tell you it is not easy, but it is easier than poverty. I have made 12 sales calls today and i closed 2.

    Word of mouth: This is when happy clients tell other people about your services

    Affiliate: This is when you pay other people to refer people to you. Recently a guy in my whatsapp group made N72,000 from me as an affiliate bonus for referring some of his friends to my whatsapp group.

    Paul Foh

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